Mighty Iron Ball


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Mighty Iron Ball is a cunnig and skill game. Cross with MightyIronBall a lot of levels, searching for escape through Warp Gates until return home world. The Warp Gates last only for a few second, so hurry up to reach them before get closed.

In each level, you found different terrains, with different hardness, resistance and friction.MightyIronBall must do a good use of that properties to reach at time to the Warp Gate.

You will found Powerups, which help you (or annoy you) to make your goal. This powerups change in some way the physics of game. Not always will be a helpful resource, each one it is helpful to a specific purpose.

  • More than 50 levels
  • Bonus levels
  • Stats and achievements
  • Player profiles

There are some liquid terrains, like water, lava or oil (and, of course, fire). All this make you easier or harder to go through levels.MightyIronBall do not need to breath, but a lot of heat can disturb her...

There are boxes of different materials, mobile breakable obstacles, helpful or not so much...

The game contains interesting statistics of the progress of the game, Also, you can reach achievements through the game, separated for each player profile.

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